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Welcome to Reed Forestry Ltd.


What separates "Us" from "Them"

Reed Forestry Ltd. is committed to promoting and practicing scientifically sound, and sustainable forest management. The historical and current practice of wood harvesting  focuses on harvesting parts of the forest that are profitable and leaving behind the parts that are not.

This practice is not sustainable.

The key to sustaining wood production is the practice of silviculture. Sustained production of valuable wood products depends on successful regeneration or desirable growing stock.

The key to making silviculture financially viable is by having a market for the small, poor quality, and low value wood products, and also by having a method for harvesting these products.

By owning a chip harvester, Reed Forestry Ltd. is able to provide landowners with more options than the average contractor.

Leaving a Better Forest For Tomorrow

A common concern among landowners is whether or not their land has been put into trustworthy hands. Often, when the job is finished, landowners are left with a cheque in their hands and a woodlot with no future potential, which looks worse than it did when the contractor started.

Our promise to you, is that when we leave the site, your land will have a better chance to grow and mature into a healthy productive forest.