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Forestry Management

Reed Forestry Ltd is committed to providing you with the following services and forestry goals;

  • Sustainable forestry
  • Clean efficient growth of land and forest
  • Removal of unproductive and suppressed product
  • Maximizing the value of the worst wood
  • Leaving behind a better forest for tomorrow


Sustainable Forestry

  • A forest for tomorrow
  • Attractive Job
  • Promotes growth of desired product
  • More expensive
  • It costs money to cut small wood
  • We leave a BETTER product for you


Non-sustainable Forestry

  • "Take the best, leave the rest"
  • Maximizes your dollar
  • Quick solution
  • Worst wood remains and only gets bigger


Clean Efficient Growth of Land and Forest

  • The difference between a block done with the proper job description and a block left untreated

  • This is an example of what a landowner can expect when their block is freshly cut; and what to expect 5 years later

  • 10 years later

  • 20 years later, the difference between the two becomes shocking

Maximizing the Value of the Worst Wood

  • One way to get the top dollar for the poor wood is through chipping
  • It removes waste today, and leaves an opportunity for a new forest to regenerate while giving you, the customer, a good price for your product


Leaving Behind a Better Forest for Tomorrow

  • Plan for the future; Planting and Silviculture options
  • Why leave behind trash for the future generations?